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two wizards face off in battle

Welcome. Era of High Sorcery is an add-on for the strategy game The Battle for Wesnoth which takes part in a land plagued with warfare between powerful wizards, each wielding different magical powers while making use of fantastic armies.

Do you have what it takes to subdue your challengers? Incinerate their forces, freeze them, rend them, turn them into mud, drown them in poison! Use your cunning to drive your opponent into a corner. Channel the power of the wild, bringing forth an unstoppable horde of beasts while transforming the land beneath them! Or, if you want, make your enemies wish for the death you've prepared for them, force them into involuntary servitude, and acquire godlike power while you work towards cheating death itself! The choice is yours and the tools are at the ready: enter Era of High Sorcery.

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Only the player hosting the game needs to have the add-on installed. If you have the add-on you can challenge anyone on the server to it. The game takes some inspiration in Master of Magic. It was created by Elvish Pillager.