Era of High Sorcery is a multi-player add-on for the free turn-based strategy game The Battle for Wesnoth (version 1.12) that features a battle to the death between powerful wizards with the use of armies, fantastical beasts and a wide array of magical spells.

EoHS can be used with any Era and with a few clicks inside the game, it can serve as a great supplement for a wide array of popular game-styles, like Survival, RPG, or multiplayer campaign.

EoHS can be characterized as a fast-paced, combat-oriented, cousin of Master of Magic. It was created by Elvish Pillager, a famous participant in the early Wesnoth community.

  Getting a game going is simple, see the guide to STARTING A GAME
  To play you will need to review the rather simple rules at the TUTORIAL.

Spells Skills Summons
Lightning.png Book.png Fangs-animal.png

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