Fire Ball

A wizard casts Fire Ball in front of her keep.

Evocation is the most visceral and blatantly destructive of the magical realms.

Rank 1 Edit

Energy BlastEdit

AP: 6 Mana: 3
Range: 2-3
You strike a unit with a magical arcane attack, like your fireball attack but with 75% the normal strikes and damage. After the attack, the target's arcane resistance is reduced by 50%, which is cumulative, but recovers at a rate of 10% per turn. This spell costs 5 AP if you have a rank 3+ Evocation spell, otherwise 6 AP.

Wizard SwordEdit

AP: 5 Mana: 3
Range: 1, self
Duration: 3
You enchant a unit, giving it a temporary magical sword. For a normal level 1 unit, the sword is a 6-3 magical blade melee attack. Traits affect the sword damage, and the unit's level affects the damage by two per level. The sword vanishes at the unit's third end-of-turn from when you cast it. Casting the spell again on the same unit increases the duration by three turns.

Mage ShieldEdit

AP: 6 Mana: 2
Range: 1, self
You enchant a unit with a shield that blocks the next swing (no matter how strong or weak) that hits it. If the unit is higher than level 1, its shield blocks that many more attacks, but not more than your Evocation rank.

Fire GuardianEdit

AP: 6 Mana: 12
Range: 1
You summon a Fire Guardian onto the target hex.

Rank 2 Edit

Corridor of FrostEdit

AP: 7 Mana: 9
Range: 1
You strike each unit in a 5-hex-long path with a magical, cold, slowing attack, like your fireball attack but with 60% the normal strikes and damage. Also, every water or swamp hex in the path (not including fords) freezes into ice.

Arctic DrakeEdit

Arctic drake
AP: 6 Mana: 20
Range: 1
Arctic Drakes are Drake Fighters with 20% cold resistance, 10% arcane resistance, and 1 move/40% defense on snow and ice.

Dispelling TouchEdit

AP: 6 Mana: 6
Range: self
You enchant your default melee attack. The next time you hit on offense against a unit with magic, that magic is dispelled. The order of effects is:

First, if the enermy is in a circle of protection, dispel the circle. Otherwise, if the enemy is under the influence of any unit enchantments or transformations, bypass Mage Shield and dispell all of them (beneficial or not). If they have bound more than three souls with Soul Bind, this only unbinds the three most recent. Otherwise, if the unit is a summon, undead, or drake, banish it to its side's recall list (unles it's a leader). If it's a summon, the wizard who cast it can also re-summon it for 20 mana and 6 AP. While you hold a Dispelling Touch, you can also use it on your own unit or an empty hex for 6 AP, in which case you choose which effects to dispel.

Rank 3 Edit


AP: 8 Mana: 16
Range: 3
Every unit in a diameter-3 circle is subject to your ranged fireball attack, except without the Magical special.

Group TeleportEdit

AP: 7 Mana: 10
Range: 9
You teleport yourself and every adjacent unit (friend or foe) to the target hex. Units can move after teleporting, but cannot attack or be attacked. (Specifically, teleported enemies can't be attacked until after their own turn, and teleported allies can't attack until after their own turn.)

Sea SerpentEdit

AP: 7 Mana: 38
Range: 1
These Sea Serpents start at level 2 with 76 hitpoints.

Rank 4 Edit

Ogre FuryEdit

AP: 6 Mana: 16
Range: 1
Duration: until the ogre spends a turn without attacking
You suddenly grow the target humanoid (non-wizard) unit into a hulking ogre, and it is healed to full hitpoints. However, it must attack immediately after transforming, and it only remains an ogre for as long as it attacks every turn. Once it ends a turn without attacking, it changes back and has just as few hitpoints as it did before - or less, if it had less remaining as an ogre.

Circle of ProtectionEdit

Stone ring
AP: 7 Mana: 15
Range: 1
Duration: until an enemy unit enters it
You enchant a hex with a circle of protection. The circle blocks enemy wizards' magic as if it was a solid wall, and also blocks the harmful effects of your own and allies' spells. Furthermore, units in circles of protection take one-third the normal damage on defense. There is no limit to how long a circle of protection lasts, but it disappears if an enemy unit enters it.


AP: 6 Mana: 18
Range: 1, self
Duration: 3
You enchant a unit to move faster. It gets +50% moves (rounded up) and +2 AP for three turns. (For non-wizards, +2 AP simply means they can attack twice in a turn.) Casting the spell again on the same unit increases the duration by three turns.

Rank 5 Edit


Circlet winged
AP: 5 Mana: 12
Range: self
You create a dome of protection. Until your next turn, all friendly units within four hexes of your leader take half damage on defense. This doesn't stack with circles of protection or other aegises.

Create PortalEdit

Create portal
AP: 6 Mana: 14
Range: 1
You summon an immobile portal that allows all allied units to travel instantly to any other portal.

Rank 6 Edit

Call DragonEdit

Call dragon
AP: 55 Mana: 50
Range: 1
You summon a mighty dragon with an area breath attack. You can never be sure what kind of dragon will answer your summons - different dragons have different abilities.