Casting Grow Vegetation

A wizard casts Grow Vegetation in front of her keep.

Nature magic specializes in summoning spells and terrain modification.

Rank 1 Edit

Change TerrainEdit

AP: 6 Mana: 6
Range: 4
Duration: 12
You change the terrain of one or more hexes. You can affect a diameter-3 circle at Nature rank 2 and a diameter-5 circle at Nature rank 3. The spell costs 2 mana times the diameter. Changing a single hex is permanent, but multiple hexes will revert to their original state after 12 turns.

Summon WolfEdit

AP: 5 Mana: 15
Range: 1
You summon a Wolf onto the target hex.


AP: 5 Mana: 1
Range: 1
Duration: 7
You enchant a unit to avoid killing for seven turns. If it would kill a unit that started with more than one hitpoint, that unit is left alive at one hitpoint. Casting the spell again on the same unit increases the duration by seven turns.

Mud TouchEdit

AP: 6 Mana: 2
Range: self
You enchant your default melee attack. The next time you hit on offense, the fight ends and the enemy is transformed into a ghastly mudcrawler. It retains its level, hitpoints, and approximate attack strength, but its base movement is divided by 2 (rounded down), and all its other stats are replaced with the new type. Works on any unit except for wizards and mudcrawlers.

Summon ScorpionEdit

AP: 6 Mana: 19
Range: 1
You summon a Scorpion onto the target hex.

Rank 2 Edit


AP: 6 Mana: -
Range: 1
You mount an adjacent unit, or dismount onto an adjacent hex. You can mount Wolves, Water Serpents, Gryphons, Sea Serpents, Dragons, and Skeletal Dragons. While mounted, your moves, movement costs, and defenses are replaced with those of your mount, and you gain your mount's attacks and max hitpoints on top of your own. Otherwise, you retain all your normal unit attributes. Mounting costs 6 AP and reduces your moves to zero. Dismounting does not cost AP. When you dismount, your mount retains its movement, you get off with your current moves or your normal max moves (whichever is less), and then you pay your normal movement cost to enter the target terrain.


AP: 6 Mana: 10
Range: 1, self
Duration: 6
You enchant a unit to have regenerates +16 for six turns. It also gains 10 current and max hitpoints for the duration. Casting the spell again on the same unit increases the duration by six turns. When the spell ends, if the unit has more than its normal max hitpoints, it loses the extra HP, but otherwise it doesn't lose any.

Summon WoseEdit

AP: 6 Mana: 18
Range: 1-4
You summon a Wose onto the target hex. This spell doesn't indicate its target to your enemies, and the wose is invisible when it appears (if it is not adjacent to an enemy unit).

Rank 3 Edit

Water SerpentEdit

AP: 6 Mana: 24
Range: 1
You summon a Water Serpent onto the target hex.

Lightning BoltEdit

AP: 7 Mana: 20
Range: 7
You strike a hex with a single lightning bolt, which ignores resistance and always hits for 70% the total damage of your faerie fire attack. After the attack, the target is paralyzed and loses all its moves and attacks (including retaliation) until the end of its next turn (but wizards still have AP and can cast spells). However, unlike in real life, lightning can never strike twice in the same place.

If you strike a water hex with lightning, all units in other water within two connected water hexes will take a secondary attack for one-fifth as much damage at 70% chance to hit.


AP: 6 Mana: 13
Range: 1
Duration: until target ends turn at water hex
You enchant a unit to lose its zone of control and be slowed at the end of every turn. It can only be cured by ending a turn in a water hex (including fords, swamp, sunken ruins, and oases).

Rank 4 Edit

Summon GryphonEdit

AP: 7 Mana: 28
Range: 1
You summon a Gryphon onto the target hex.


AP: 7 Mana: 22
Range: self
Duration: 1
You enchant all adjacent allies. On this turn, their melee attacks get +3 damage and +1 swing, and they take half damage from all types. (If some of them are not your own units, just your allies', then those units get the bonus on their next turn.) If you have enough AP left to attack after casting Rampage, you too get the bonus.

Expansive ChangeEdit

AP: 6 Mana: 6
Range: self
Duration: 12
Your Change Terrain spell can affect a much wider area.

Rank 5 Edit

Summon YetiEdit

AP: 33 Mana: 32
Range: 1
Summon a Yeti onto the target hex.

Repelling GustEdit

Rock thrown
AP: 5 Mana: 14
Range: self
You call wild winds to blow every unit in a diameter-3 circle, to a random location 12-18 hexes further away from you. Each unit is sent further in the same direction as it is from you now. (It has no effect on yourself.) If you blow your own units, they lose all their moves and actions for the turn. Repelling Gust won't place a unit on a terrain it can't normally enter; if it can't find a suitable hex within 0.5 radians of the default direction, it will try wider angles up to a quarter-circle away, and if there are still none, it will try locations closer than 12 hexes.


Potion red medium
AP: 22 Mana: 16
Range: self
When you complete the ritual, you fully heal every allied unit within 7 hexes, remove all their negative effects, and permanently grant them the Healthy and Fearless traits. You also purge poison from any hex in the area.

Rank 6 Edit

Swarm NestEdit

Swarm nest
AP: 44 Mana: 43
Range: 1
You summon an immobile nest that spawns an AI-controlled unit onto each adjacent empty hex every turn. The units are Giant Rats if on land, and Tentacles of the Deep if in water. They fight if they see a good opportunity; otherwise, they wander randomly unless they can capture a village or go for healing in one turn. These 'swarm' units move at the end of your turn, and during your turn, they are partially nonexistent, so that they don't get in the way of moving your regular units.