The spells by the realm of magic:


Evocation is the most visceral and blatantly destructive of the magical realms.

Nature MagicEdit

Nature magic specializes in summoning spells and terrain modification.


Necromancy deals with summon undead units, absorbing health and abilities of other units, and permanently poison hexes, among other things.

Fireball Fangs-spider Touch-undead

Full Spell DescriptionsEdit

Evocation -- Nature -- Necromancy

Spell TableEdit

Evocation Nature Magic Necromancy
Rank 1
Energy Blast Change Terrain Curse of Anxiety
Wizard Sword Summon Wolf Vampire Bat
Mage Shield Restraint Pall of Fatigue
Fire Guardian Mud Touch
Summon Scorpion
Rank 2
Corridor of Frost Mount/ Dismount Summon Skeleton
Arctic Drake Regeneration Summon Ghost
Dispelling Touch Summon Wose Siphon Strength
Rank 3
Fireball Lightning Bolt Dark Pact
Group Teleport Water Serpent Poison Ground
Sea Serpent Dehydration Chocobone
Rank 4
Ogre Fury Summon Gryphon Zombie Swarm
Circle of Protection Rampage Reanimating Touch
Haste Expansive Change Compulsion
Rank 5
Aegis Summon Yeti Renounce Life
Create Portal Repelling Gust Vex Dragon Bones
Restoration Compulsion
Rank 6
Call Dragon Swarm Nest Undying Army